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We divert more waste from landfill so our clients can achieve their Environmental Objectives.


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We divert more waste from landfill so customers can achieve their environmental objectives.

Every year our recycling data shows that we are diverting more waste from landfill and helping our customers achieve their Environmental Objectives. Our services and facilities include…

Dry Mixed Recycling

Through our dry mixed recycling facility you can recycle all your paper and packaging. This includes cans, cardboard, plastic film, plastic bottles/containers and polythene. It is important that dry mixed recycling is not contaminated with other waste including residue food and liquids.

Fully separating waste materials into different streams is not always possible. But dry mixed recycling is a lot more straightforward and requires less waste containers if space is at a premium. It also means less time sorting waste.

Commercial and Industrial Waste

Additionally, we have a large selection of waste containers that save space as well as money. We provide a prompt, efficient and regular service tailored to suit your requirements.

Food Waste

Working with a local composter, we provide a food waste collection service.

Glass Recycling

Both mixed bottles and jars (any colour) and plate glass can be recycled. With significant advances in glass recycling technology glass can also be automatically sorted by colour and process into new glass derived products.

Construction Waste

Currently over 90% of construction wastes are recycled through our mixed recycling facility. Moreover, materials picked and collected include aggregates, brick, concrete, metal, plasterboard, plastic, soil, stone, UPVC, and wood.

Construction Waste Recycling
Wood Waste Collection

Wood Waste

Furthermore, we also collect wood of all types which we bulk up at our facility.  The material is then shipped for recycling and can be reused as some of the following products: animal bedding, biomass energy, and medium-density fibreboard based products.

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