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Business Waste Collection

We divert more waste from landfill so our clients can achieve their Environmental Objectives.


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We help our clients comply with Scottish Waste Regulations.

On Wednesday, 1st January 2014, the law changed in relation to how you manage your waste. It is now mandatory for all businesses and organisations to take reasonable steps to recycle as much of their waste as possible.

We can help you comply with the latest Scottish Waste Regulations, reduce the risk of unnecessary fines, and make your business more sustainable in the future.

Paper & Cardboard

We collect all types of paper and cardboard ranging from shredded office paperwork to bailed industrial cardboard packaging.

Dry Mixed Recycling

Through our Dry Mixed Recycling facility we recycle packaging including cans, cardboard, paper, plastic film, and plastic bottles.

Glass Recycling

We also collect mixed colours of glass bottles and jars. With significant advances in glass recycling technology at our facility, glass can be automatically sorted by colour and processed into new glass derived products.

Wood Recycling

In addition we collect wood of all types which is then shipped for recycling and can be reused as animal bedding, biomass energy, and medium-density fibreboard based products.

Recycling Skip Waste

Upon collection, every skip is visually checked upon arrival at our purpose built facility in Kirkcaldy. The recycling process then begins. The waste is loaded into our revolving waste separator which is similar to a large sieve. As dirt, dust, and earth fall through the fine holes, the remaining waste travels on to a large conveyor belt from which recyclable materials are hand-picked.

This process also recovers approximately 85% of materials suitable for recycling. These include cans, cardboard, glass, metal, paper, plastic, and wood. The remaining 15% of dirty and contaminated waste is still unfortunately, forwarded to landfill but with improving techniques and new markets opening we hope to bring this rate down even lower.

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